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Law of Attraction Coaching and Workshop

  • How do I attract more of what I want?
  • Letting go of thoughts, experiences and relationships that hold me back?
  • How do my expectations influence outcome?

Law of Attraction

When you are ready, you are welcome to join the Law of Attraction Coaching and Workshop sessions. One sign that you are ready to understand and utilize The Law of Attraction (LOA) is that you are reading this section. You were curious and drawn to the possibility. The Law of Attraction is based on the teachings of Abraham-Hicks ( Its central principle holds that whatever we predominantly think about, whether we like it or not, will come to manifest. Simply put, there are two categories: what we want and the lack of it. Most of us focus on 'the lack of it' and we become anxious, frustrated, and often stop allowing ourselves to even think about the things we really want because we feel we can not get them.

Understanding the Law of Attraction allows us to regain our enthusiasm for life and restores our natural state of well-being. By learning how the Law of Attraction works we can attract more of what we want and live a thoroughly satisfying and joyful life. If this sounds appealing to you, you are ready. It is that simple.

Law of Attraction sessions are fun, positive, and uplifting. The sessions are offered individually and in group workshops. You can sign up by contacting me directly or through It is helpful to begin with individual coaching sessions in order to understand basic principles and learn practical processes and then add the group workshops where you are encouraged to dream, share and be inspired to fulfill your life dreams.

The Law of Attraction Meetup