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When we select a partner, the quality of our relationship becomes the single most imporant factor in our overall well-being. If we are not happy in our relationship, we are simply not happy. This is not an easy thing to admit to ourselves or each other. All relationships go through difficult periods. Sometimes couples are able to adjust and navigate through the rough waters together; sometimes one partner makes changes and that is enough. Other times it is not. If you are chronically frustrated, dissatisfied or unhappy, it is time to seek help to release you from the gridlock.

For over 20 years I have worked with all types of couples, of all ages and stages, in their relationship: from engagement/pre-marital counseling to those who have been together for decades. It is never too early or too late. Over the years I have worked extensively with couples who have struggled with significant relationships problems related to infidelity, sexual performance and compatibility, alcohol and substance abuse, chronic fighting and arguments, and general feelings of disillusion and disconnection.

My greatest satisfaction is working with couples in helping them to rediscover feelings of warmth and love for each other, manage differing opinions without conflict, improve communication, heal resentments, recover from affairs, and restore and increase feelings of intimacy and passion for each other.

Sometimes both parties are not on the same page about coming in for counseling. If this is the case, contact me and schedule an individual session. I can work with you individually and have experienced a lot of success by inviting the partner to attend sessions in order to give his or her perpective and in doing so, we end up talking about the relationship. Either way, you win.