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The hypnotherapy was extremely helpful for my anxiety and insomnia. The breathing techniques were simple and really helped me to calm down and sleep. Ellen has a very calming voice and listening to the recording each night before bed helped me to retrain my brain so now I go to sleep easily without needing the recording. I also went back and did a second session specifically for anxiety and panic attacks and have not had a full blown panic attack since. I was so relieved to not have to use medication. - Melody

For decades I had nightmares frequently. This past year was very stressful professionally and when I finally achieved great success on a series of projects, several episodes of childhood sexual abuse came to light. I had been drinking at night to stop the nightmares and it no longer helped. As the memories flooded back my life began to deteriorate. I began searching for a counselor and looked for months. I finally found Ellen. After researching everything on her site and emdr I felt comfortable enough to contact her. After less than 10 sessions we had healed my wounds. I've not had any nightmares, I no longer need to drink myself to sleep. My life is really improving and, for the first time in my adult life, I am starting to enjoy the successes I've been blessed with and worked so hard to achieve. Ellen was caring, patient, and a consummate professional. She made me feel very comfortable and safe discussing the trauma. The nice thing about the emdr technique is that it works with just a general framework and you are not stuck trying to recount every memory about a very painful experience. Each time we conquered one of the pstd events I felt more whole and at peace. I am still in awe at my progress and am so pleased I found Ellen. I have friends who have been struggling for years with other types of counseling and am going to recommend them to see Ellen. Thank you Ellen! - Jason

Late in 2016, I went through a traumatic experience. For a couple of months, I tried to handle all my emotions and work through the pain on my own. Eventually my sister suggested I seek therapy. After researching therapists in my area, I chose to contact Ellen. Even over the phone, I could tell she had a wonderful personality that quickly put me at ease. Within a week, I was sitting in her office explaining what had happened. Honestly, I felt as if my problem wasn't really worth anyone's time, but I knew I wasn't going to get through it alone. When I voiced this opinion, Ellen assured me that what I was experiencing and the cause was nothing to be self-conscious about, once again putting me at ease and allowing me to speak freely about the trauma I had experienced. Together, we have searched through my immediate pain and what lead me into the traumatic situation. One of the techniques Ellen employs ,EMDR,I found very helpful. With Ellen's guidance, I am pleased to report that the pain of my trauma has been lifted and I feel like I did back before this life changing episode. If you are considering therapy, I highly recommend Ellen, she is easy to talk to, compassionate and allows you to feel safe as you try to work together to heal some of life's wounds. - Adele

A little over two years ago, I received news that my brain really couldn’t process. I remember that day clearly. I just sat there, frozen in panic, unable to think clearly. Unable to really do anything. The shock wore off in a couple of days, but little everyday things in my life would trigger an uncontrollable state of heightened anxiety that would last for hours or days. I got to a point where I could rationally understand that the danger was over. There was no need to panic. However, these triggers kept coming up and my life was barely tolerable. After a couple of months of living like this, I sought medical help. My doctor diagnosed me with PTSD and suggested a course of medication to ease the symptoms. I really didn’t want to take medication if I could avoid it and I remembered reading that EMDR was a very effective treatment of PTSD and so sought Ellen’s help. I’m not sure exactly what I expected, probably a slow gradual improvement in the way I felt when the triggering events occurred. However, after just one session, I saw a noticeable difference in the anxiety levels when the triggers occurred. After three or four sessions with Ellen, I was able to function normally and calmly in my life again. What a relief. When the triggers happened, I felt a little anxious but it passed quickly. Before the EMDR, I had felt extremely anxious and it wouldn’t pass for days. And now, two years later, those events don’t cause me any anxiety at all. During the course of our sessions, Ellen noticed a recurring theme in what I shared with her – she noticed that I felt unlovable. It was unrelated to the PTSD and was a deep-seated belief from my childhood. She invited me to explore that if I wanted, and after the success we had with the PTSD, I was all in! This took a bit longer since I hadn’t been able to get my rational part of my brain to reject that feeling. However, after just a couple of months, we had gotten to the root of that false belief and I was able to really understand that I am in fact lovable. So after just about three or four months, my PTSD behind me and my false belief of being unlovable was behind me. And two years later, I’m still doing very well. - David

I came to Ellen Strugatch to seek support for my 10 year old son. My son suffered a traumatic event a few years back and has been struggling with PTSD and separation anxiety since the event. Over the past two years we have worked with three separate therapists to address his anxiety- especially around separation and sleep. I can honestly say that Ms. Strugatch made more progress with my son in 2 months than the other practitioners had made in 2 years. She used Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to address my son’s anxiety, and after eight sessions, he was sleeping through the night in his bed and has made tremendous progress with his anxiety in general. I am a trained counselor by trade and could not recommend this therapist any stronger. - Theresa N

A good friend suggested that I go talk to Ellen Strugatch. I went back and forth with the idea of calling Ellen, not calling Ellen, this went on for several months. Finally I took my friends advice and I scheduled an appointment. I am so happy I did..My life is forever changed by my decision. From the first time I met with Ellen, I felt at ease, I was in an environment that felt inviting, 'A Safe Place'..At one of our sessions, Ellen suggested EMDR therapy. We discussed in detail what and how this kind of therapy works.. I'm an open minded person and I was willing to do whatever I needed to, in order to help myself..At the end of the session, I could hardly believe how I felt.. I felt new and free like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon..All the 'garbage' from the past was just that, 'in the past'..I had a new perspective on my life. I can't express enough how amazing EMDR therapy was for me. Ellen helped me to move on, to not be a prisoner trapped in my own negative emotional past..Everyday I realize something new and wonderful about myself, about life and I am getting stronger and more confident about the woman that I am. Ellen Strugatch was very instrumental in helping me on my road to recovery. She is caring, understanding and genuinely wants to help others. Talk to Ellen... She can help! - Heather

I came to Ellen with a chronic medical condition that had progressively gotten worse over the past 10 years. Not only was this condition affecting me physically but it was at a point where it had taken a hold of my mental and emotionally well-being. Ellen worked with me extensively and got down to the root of the problem. I saw life in a different light and soon began adopting a different attitude toward my illness. Because of my attitude change, I was able to attract the kind of medical care I needed. I am now confident and positive about my condition and about my life as a whole. I feel as though I am a completely different person than I was before my sessions with Ellen. She helped me find that confident, strong woman I had always knew was there inside of me. Ellen is an outstanding individual who has passion for what she does everyday.Thank you for everything! - Kelly


After being married for only a year our marriage was falling apart, when things got to their worst I decided we either seek professional help or I was filing for a divorce. In my search for counselors I found Ellen, what I liked about Ellen Strugatch was that she responded immediately to our calls and she has a flexible schedule, which was great for us because my husband and my schedule are constantly changing. Her location was great very welcoming and a relax settings which take some of the stress and tension out of the visit. One of the main reasons I chose Ellen over any other counselor was that Ellen also offers hypnotherapy and EMDR which resonated with me because I like the options of none traditional counseling. However I did not receive Hypnotherapy nor EMDR, but in the end had great results in restoring our marriage to a healthier place. My husband had a few EMDR sessions with Ellen and I had noticed immediate changes in him ever since. Before Ellen I had always thought traditional counseling to be a waist of my time, but what I like about it Ellen's counseling method is she's very intuitive, she pays attention, she gives advice when needed and is very good at finding and bringing your attention to the underline problems at hand. I feel that she is truly interested in getting positive results from the moment you walked into her office. I can honestly say if it wasn't for Ellen and her supportiveness, my husband and I would have been divorced a year ago. - Jesse

Ellen was instrumental in navigating my husband and I from a very dark and frightening place. We were both at a point that needed more than just self-reflections to overcome our repetitious, destructive behaviors. Ellen offered impartial directness, along with sincere encouragement and validation, that gave us the comfort and courage to face our personal demons. She never over-analyzed; instead, she worked as a guide to help us find the answers within ourselves. Our family is continuously grateful for the role Ellen played in the abundance of joy we are now experiencing in our lives. - Laurie

I went to Ellen Strugatch for hypnotherapy sessions to help me with my bad eating habits and back pain that I was having. I have to say that for me my sessions really helped me. I eat better and no longer eat a lot of greasy foods and I don't have those chocolate cravings anymore. The back pain that I had experienced ever since I fell off the jungle gym when I was seven is gone. I just wish I had met her sooner. - Sandy M.

I began counseling with Ellen Strugatch seven months ago. I had been struggling with episodes of substance abuse periodically for five years, with disastrous effects on my marriage and finances. Ellen was able to quickly hone in on the issue that was driving the episodes of substance abuse: I was suffering from bipolar II disorder. With the help of a psychiatrist that Ellen recommended, I began receiving the medication that I needed. The therapy that Ellen has provided has gone far beyond recommending medicine. She has helped me to understand the intricacies of bipolar disorder. I have learned strategies from Ellen that will enable me to avoid some of the “pitfalls” that have previously led to cycles of substance abuse and manic behavior in the past. Most importantly, Ellen has shown me that there are some very positive aspects of bipolar disorder, that, when channeled correctly, can help me achieve my personal and professional potential. - Chris

My first impression of Ellen was warm and personable yet professional without being aloof. I had lots of questions. She was patient and kind. She listened to me and seemed to know what to say and do for me. One of the most amazing qualities Ellen has was her absolute convictions of EMDR therapy. She never wavered that I would see results and benefit from this form of therapy. It's been just over a year and I am happy to report every day is a new beginning for me. EMDR hasn't changed the whole world but it has changed mine. I must acknowledge that is was Ellen Strugatch that has made all the difference in the quality of my new life. She has always been professional, caring, concerned, generous and considerate in every way. - Louise B.

EMDR is a phenomenal experience and I recommend it for anyone who has distress or hurt caused by an experience or person that they can't let go. For me personally, it was the latter. After the lost of my first love I was devastated. Ellen was fantastic, and never discounted my pain because I was young. She really understood that pain is pain no matter the "logic". Whether or not it "should" hurt that badly or not. When she recommended EMDR, she explained everything to me thoroughly and even gave me a website to get more information in case I was curious. During the session, Ellen was fantastic. She was supportive, guiding and uplifting. I was actually feeling better by the end of the EMDR session. I felt like an infomercial. "It was that easy and painless". It truly feel better. Everyday I feel like I notice something that the EMDR treatment made me think differently and better about. So if you're thinking about EMDR talk to Ellen! You won't regret it! - Madeline

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Ellen can help with whatever problem you are having. I started sessions with Ellen looking for help with a unhealthy relationship that I thought I could make better. With her inexhaustible patience, we ended up finding problems with myself that I wasn't aware of. Problems weighing heavily on my mind for so long that I had grown accustomed to carry them all. These problems stemming from childhood, troubled teenage years, abusive relationships, and long term chemical imbalances prevented me from realizing what was good in my life and what was effecting me in a way that I did not prefer. She lovingly and professionally showed me how to gain confidence in myself to remove what I did not prefer without making me feel pushed in any part of the process. The positive changes that have happened in my life are too high to count and are noticeable not only to me, but everyone around me who are now saying I even look different. I highly suggest to everyone who is reading this to trust Ellen in whatever steps she encourages you to take. Some steps maybe soothing (Don't fall asleep during the hypnosis) and some may be more intense (EMDR is too much fun), but all the steps you take with Ellen will be in a direction that will make your life healthier and happier. - Ulises